3 Misconceptions About Catholic School

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If you are thinking about sending your child to Catholic school for their elementary, middle school, or high school education, you may be a little unsure of what to expect. Many misconceptions about Catholic schools exist, and these mistaken beliefs may impact how you think Catholic schools actually operate. Some of these common misconceptions do not reflect what a real Catholic school education entails. Only Catholics Can Attend You might think that you cannot send your child to Catholic school unless you are a practicing Catholic.

26 January 2015

Make Sure Your Life Insurance Covers Recreational Flying Before The First Day Of Class

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Before enrolling in a flight school, it is important to have all your paperwork in order. In addition to filling out all the school's pre-lesson papers, you should also review your life insurance policy. Flying is a safe activity, but some life insurance policies exclude it from their coverage. If yours does, you will want to find insurance coverage before going up in the air. It is the only way to protect your family in the event of an unlikely tragedy.

20 January 2015

4 Reasons Why Work-At-Home Moms Should Consider Enrolling Their Kids In Preschool

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Approximately 20% of Americans work from home, and experts expect that number to continue to grow over the next few years. Some parents choose to work from home because they think it will help them cut down on daycare costs. Unfortunately, working from home is anything but easy when you have small children at home. Whether you're already a work-at-home mom or simply thinking about becoming one, here are several great reasons why you should enroll your little ones in preschool while you work.

7 January 2015