3 Reasons To Change Careers To Accounting As An Adult


Are you in a rut in your current profession and looking for a change of pace? If you've always been good with numbers, one possibility you might want to consider would be to attend a local accounting school. A career in accounting can be very rewarding and could be just the change of pace you have been looking for. Here are three reasons why you should enroll in accounting school today.

It's Possible to Get a Degree and Job in Two Years or Less

If you don't want to change careers because you think it will just take too much time to get up to speed in your new profession, you might want to take a second look. With accounting, it's possible to get a wide variety of different jobs without actually becoming a CPA. For example, you could start out by just getting an associate's degree in two years or less and then get a job as a bookkeeper. This will still provide you with a change of pace from your current profession and will at least get you started in your new field.

Make More Money

If you are currently working for a low hourly wage, it's time to make an investment in yourself. While the exact salary will of course vary depending on what kind of job you end up with, accounting has always been a profession with high earning potential. People who are good with numbers tend to attract lots of extra numbers (read: money) into their bank account month after month.

Also consider that if you do become a CPA, you could open your own business, and then the sky is really the limit as far as your earning potential goes.

Improve Your Job Security

If you are currently looking for another career because of job security concerns in your chosen profession, you won't find many better fields than accounting. You know that saying about death and taxes? Well, that's pretty much true, and it means that accountants will always be in demand. Even in a bad economy, people will still need help managing their finances, and you could be the person that gets to help them.

It's never too late to change your career. If you are not happy with your current profession, take a look at becoming an accountant or bookkeeper. You'll likely increase your earning power and your job security as well. Contact a local accounting school today for more information.


1 November 2018

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