Sensory Processing Disorder: What It Is And How It Is Treated

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A common behavioral issue with kids that have autism is uncontrollable movements of certain body parts. An example of this is when an autistic child moves his hands back and forth, over and over. This problem is very common for kids with this disorder, and it is considered a sensory issue. Here are several things you should know about why this happens and ways it may be able to be corrected.

Why this happens

When a child has autism, the child's brain may have issues relating to how his or her senses work. This is caused by a problem in the child's central nervous system, and it leads to an overreaction or under-reaction to the way senses work. When this occurs, a child may perform strange movements repeatedly. The child cannot help doing this. It is something that just naturally occurs from the issues with the brain, nervous system, and senses. This is called sensory processing disorder, and it can affect any of the five senses.

Ways it is treated

Autism is a disorder that currently has no cure, and doctors are not even completely certain what causes it. They do, however, know that there are a lot of other issues that can accompany autism, including sensory processing disorder. If your child's doctor believes that your child has sensory issues, he or she might recommend trying one of the following types of treatments to help the child with this issue:

  • Stimulating play – In some cases, therapists are able to work with children through fun types of activities to help them build the appropriate responses to senses. This is done through stimulating games and activities, and it can be effective with consistency and time. A therapist will need to determine exactly which senses the child is struggling with, and he or she will base the treatment and activities on building that particular sense.
  • Lifestyle changes – In addition, the therapist might give you instructions to follow at home that will reinforce the things used during therapy. This may include making a special area for the child to spend time in where it is quiet and free from distractions. It could also include playing certain games with the child and rewarding the child for proper responses.

There is no treatment plan that works instantly to fix this issue, but occupational therapy is extremely helpful. If you would like to learn more about treating your child's disorders caused by autism, contact a doctor, like one from Functionabilities Pediatric Therapy, today.


12 August 2016

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