Online Or In-Person: Which Adult Education Class Is Right For You?

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There are many ways that modern technology can be used to supplement adult education. As online education becomes more developed and easier to access, online adult education classes are replacing many in-person adult education centers. While online classes offer many benefits, such as the ability to learn at your own pace and based on your own schedule, many people benefit from the interaction and community they find in a traditional setting. If you are wondering whether you should pursue an online adult education course or find a center in your area, you should consider the following things. 

How Comfortable Are You With Modern Technology? 

Traditionally, many adult education centers offer basic courses in internet and computer literacy. These courses can be valuable if you have little experience using a computer and want to get the most out of modern technology. However, more and more Americans have a basic understanding of how the internet can be used from a young age. 

If you are comfortable downloading files, installing programs on your computer, and utilizing a variety of online forums, then you may want to see if there is an online course that offers the subjects you want to learn. However, if you need more help to feel comfortable with these skills, you should start by taking an in-person computer literacy course and then deciding whether you want to continue your education online or in-person. 

How Comfortable Are You With the Topics You Want to Learn?

A traditional course has the benefit of a teacher to help you understand difficult concepts as you learn them. This can be valuable when you are beginning to study a new topic or one that you have struggled with in the past. However, if you feel comfortable studying a topic, and all you desire is a bit of guidance as to what material you should be studying, as opposed to regular in-depth explanations of the material, then you may be successful with an online course. 

Do You Desire Connection With Your Classmates?

One of the main areas that online courses fail in is promoting connection among peers. Although online courses may require students to participate in an online discussion group, many participants submit the minimum number of posts and fail to create the rich discussion that can be found in a traditional classroom. 

Before deciding whether to go to a traditional adult education center or take online courses, you should evaluate your social goals. If you want to meet other adults in a similar situation as you, you should opt for the traditional classroom. 

How Busy Is Your Schedule? 

If you have a very busy schedule, you may assume that an online course is your best option. While online courses do provide flexibility, it is important to realize that it will be difficult to find time to complete an online course if you do not regularly schedule time to study into your daily activities. 

An in-person course gives you a concrete time to study. Although this may not fit into everyone's schedule, it can be a good way to ensure you will make the time to complete your course if you are busy. 

How Committed Are You to Furthering Your Education? 

An online course demands a high level of personal drive and commitment. It is a good option if you are goal-oriented and tend to complete tasks once you start them. Alternatively, an in-person class can give you motivation to show up and study each week, which can help if you are a little less motivated when it comes to studying. 

If you are interested in the autonomy of online classes, you might also consider an in-person course that has supplemental online materials that will allow you to study at your own pace while getting the benefits of peer connection and teacher assistance. For more information, contact an adult education center in your area. 


14 August 2015

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